6.3: 4 Concepts To Growing Your Audience (Part B)

Question: Should I upload a full length beats to YouTube type beat channel or only a part of it (like a 1min 30sec version). I'm confused because I see different opinions online and I would like to know what you think? I'm afraid that people will just download my beats from YouTube and pretty much steal them. -Rosha

Answer: I would advise posting full length beats.

1. As of right now, with how the algorithm currently operates, overall watch time/session time is the metric that matters most (after CTR in my opinion). If you post a shorter version of your beat, you would be leaving a lot of watch time on the table. Just like I mentioned in the video, YouTube looks at these metrics to decide where to rank you. If you make an "X type beat" and your watch time is 50% lower than your competitors who are also posting "X type beat" because you only posted up half the beat, you are not going to rank as high. Social media is winner takes all. If you aren't one of the top results, you are in for a rough ride (see the chart below).

2. I know I was definitely cautious about getting my beats stolen when I started. But if people are going to want to steal your beat, one way or another, they will. My advice is that you should be focused on trying to find to the people who would want to actually work with you, and orient your business towards making them happy rather than finding the people who don't want to work with you, and orienting your business towards making them unhappy. Sure, people might come by and steal your beat and rap on it without your knowledge, but most likely, this is not the type of person who takes their craft seriously, and thus is not a person who would be of value to your business in the grand scheme. Focus on the people who are willing to pay for what you do (much like I am with this course, again. I am focused on you guys). Keep them happy by posting up full beats that they can actually use, orient your business towards them. If you post up incomplete beats, sure, you are giving a negative experience to those who would steal your beats, but you are also doing the same to those who would be willing to pay.

To give some actual context, I have videos on my own YouTube where the overall watch percentage is as high as 60%. But these videos end up going nowhere because they're the ones that are 3-4 mins total. Compared to my most popular video on my YouTube, that has an overall watch percentage of 20%, which is far lower. But the video itself like 15 mins long, so the overall watch time is much higher. This is also why you might see content creators on YouTube lean more towards long-form videos, because this is what YouTube wants from creators.

Having said that, I know YouTube Shorts are exploding (as of the time writing this) so that might be a different area that you can explore since that's dedicated to short-form content.